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Ziad Ahmad Saad Soliman Nawar, Ziad (author)
The collaboration between AI agents (Artificial Intelligence) and human is an essential part of achieving complex goals more efficiently. Many aspects are influential in achieving effective teamwork. One of them is trust. In addition, sharing the mental model would improve the understanding of the other’s behavior and the prediction of their...
bachelor thesis 2021
Mehrotra, S. (author)
Trust is an important element of any interaction, but especially when we are interacting with a piece of technology which does not think like we do. Therefore, AI systems need to understand how humans trust them, and what to do to promote appropriate trust. The aim of this research is to study trust through both a formal and social lens. We will...
abstract 2021
Cheon, Eun Jeong (author), Zaga, Cristina (author), Lee, Hee Rin (author), Lupetti, M.L. (author), Dombrowski, Lynn (author), Jung, Malte F. (author)
Technologies in the workplace have been a major focus of CSCW, including studies that investigate technologies for collaborative work, explore new work environments, and address the importance of political and organizational aspects of technologies in workplaces. Emerging technologies, such as AI and robotics, have been deployed in various...
conference paper 2021