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Caldarella, Nina (author), López-Dekker, Paco (author), Prats-Iraola, Pau (author), Nouguier, Frederic (author), Chapron, Bertrand (author), Zonno, Mariantonietta (author), Rodriguez-Cassola, Marc (author)
Observations of wind and ocean surface velocity vectors by along-track interferometry (ATI) with the synthetic aperture radar (SAR) are not only important for direct applications but also to increase understandings of ocean upper layer mixing, air-ocean interactions, and mapping submesoscale (1-10 km) structures. An experimental bidirectional...
journal article 2022
Caldarella, Nina (author)
Direct measurement of ocean surface velocity from space with a Synthetic Aperture Radar has shown to be a promising method to observe ocean surface currents. In this thesis report a method for Total Surface Current Vector (TSCV) retrieval using an experimental Bidirectional (BiDi) Along-Track Interferometric (ATI) acquisition mode with TanDEM-X...
master thesis 2018
Van Lint, J.W.C. (author)
Providing travel time information to travelers on available route alternatives in traffic networks is widely believed to yield positive effects on individual drive behavior and (route/departure time) choice behavior, as well as on collective traffic operations in terms of, for example, overall time savings and—if nothing else—on the reliability...
journal article 2008