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Gasull, Armengol (author), Geyer, A. (author), Mañosa, Víctor (author)
It is well known that the existence of traveling wave solutions (TWS) for many partial differential equations (PDE) is a consequence of the fact that an associated planar ordinary differential equation (ODE) has certain types of solutions defined for all time. In this paper we address the problem of persistence of TWS of a given PDE under small...
journal article 2021
Gasull, A. (author), Geyer, A. (author), Mañosas, F. (author)
We show that a family of certain definite integrals forms a Chebyshev system if two families of associated functions appearing in their integrands are Chebyshev systems as well. We apply this criterion to several examples which appear in the context of perturbations of periodic non-autonomous ODEs to determine bounds on the number of isolated...
journal article 2020