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van der Meulen, P.Q. (author), Coutino, Mario (author), Bosch, Johannes G. (author), Kruizinga, P. (author), Leus, G.J.T. (author)
We consider the scenario of finding the transfer function of an aberrating layer in front of a receiving ultrasound (US) array, assuming a separate non-aberrated transmit source. We propose a method for blindly estimating this transfer function without exact knowledge of the ultrasound sources or acoustic contrast image, and without directly...
journal article 2023
Zhang, Jie (author), Chen, Huawei (author), Hendriks, R.C. (author)
Multi-microphone speech enhancement methods typically require a reference position with respect to which the target signal is estimated. Often, this reference position is arbitrarily chosen as one of the reference microphones. However, it has been shown that the choice of the reference microphone can have a significant impact on the final...
journal article 2020