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Lenzi, Sara (author), Spagnol, S. (author), Ozcan Vieira, E. (author)
There is an increased awareness of how the quality of the acoustic environment impacts the lives of human beings. Several studies have shown that sound pollution has adverse effects on many populations, from infants to adults, in different environments and workplaces. Hospitals are susceptible environments that require special attention since...
review 2023
Balderrama, A. (author), Kang, Jian (author), Prieto, Alejandro (author), Luna-Navarro, Alessandra (author), Arztmann, Daniel (author), Knaack, U. (author)
Façades cover a significant amount of surfaces in cities and are in constant interaction with the acoustic environment. Noise pollution is one of the most concerning burdens for public health and wellbeing; however, façade acoustic performance is generally not considered in outdoor spaces, in contrast to indoor spaces. This study presents a...
review 2022
Sonneveld, Diederik (author)
The potential and development of mycelium based materials has been increasing over the last years. This material is proving to be a green alternative for a variety of commodity materials like plastics, wood, leather, etc because of its ability to upcycle waste streams. A lot of existing research performed is focussed on the environmental factors...
master thesis 2021