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Malamaki, Kyriaki-Nefeli D. (author), Fu, A. (author), Mauricio, Juan Manuel (author), Cvetkovic, M. (author), Demoulias, Charis S. (author)
As the penetration of Converter-Interfaced Dis-tributed Renewable Energy Sources (CI-DRES) increases, several problems are revealed in electric power systems, e.g., power quality issues, reverse power flows and frequency instability. A solution to tackle these issues is the mitigation of high CI-DRES active power ramp-rates (RRs) by utilizing...
conference paper 2023
Hou, Jue (author), Liu, Zhou (author), Wang, Shaorong (author), Chen, Zhe (author), Xie, Wei (author), Fang, Cheng (author), Wei, Xinchi (author), Popov, M. (author)
Supplementary control (SC) technology is widely leveraged by power supply companies in active distribution networks (ADNs) to improve their stability and dynamic characteristics. Yet, the existed SCs are generally implemented from inside the converter controllers of distributed generators (DGs) or active loads, so there is a need to redesign...
journal article 2022
Nguyen, Hoa Minh (author), Rueda, José L. (author), Lekić, A. (author), Pham, Hoan Van (author)
The paper presents an approach for online centralized control in active distribution networks. It combines a proportional integral (PI) control unit with a corrective control unit (CCU), based on the principle of Model Predictive Control (MPC). The proposed controller is designed to accommodate the increasing penetration of distributed...
journal article 2021