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Lovell-Prescod, Gervase (author)
By combining the ability to hover with a wing for fast and efficient horizontal flight, hybrid unmanned aircraft extend the flight envelope and therefore mission capabilities of unmanned aircraft. However, this comes at a cost: increased complexity control-wise and being more susceptible to wind disturbances. This susceptibility to wind gusts is...
master thesis 2022
Su, Zikang (author), Wang, X. (author), Wang, Honglun (author)
This article contrives a neural-adaptive constrained controller of the cable towed air-ground recovery system subject to terrain obstacles, unmeasurable cable tensions, trailing vortex, wind gust, and actuator saturation. In air-ground recovery system modeling, the towed vehicle's nominal 6 DOF affine nonlinear dynamics and the cable system's...
journal article 2022