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Zhang, Remy (author)
Bidirectional neural recording ICs faces the challenge of simultaneous stimulation and recording. The recording IC should endure large stimulation artifacts while capturing weak neural signals excited by the stimuli. The stimulation artifacts can be as large as hundreds of millivolts, which can saturate the recording front end. Conventional...
master thesis 2023
Zevenbergen, Chris (author)
Energy distribution systems are undergoing rapid change in terms of energy generation techniques and network topology. The shift towards sustainable energy generation leads to distributed energy networks, thereby replacing the old-fashioned centralized networks. A promising type of distributed network is the microgrid. A distributed topology has...
master thesis 2019
Sharma, Nalin Kumar (author), Roy, S. (author), Janardhanan, S. (author)
The adaptive sliding mode control technique relaxes the assumption of known bound of the disturbance in discrete-time systems. However, the existing technique of gain adaptation in discrete-time sliding mode control has issues of gain overestimation and underestimation. Therefore, this paper proposes a technique to adapt the switching gain...
journal article 2019