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Zhou, Y. (author)
Robots navigating in social environments inevitably exhibit behavior perceived as inappropriate by people, which they will repeat unless they are aware of them; hindering their social acceptance. This highlights the importance of robots detecting and adapting to the perceived appropriateness of their behavior, in line with what we found in a...
conference paper 2023
Lopes Parreira, Pedro (author)
Multiple solutions for solving optimal power flow (OPF) have been employed, most of them using a centralised approach. However, there is another approach where every node is responsible for the local problem in order to reach a solution: the decentralised optimal power flow (D-OPF). In this thesis, the aim was to improve the speed and...
master thesis 2019
Romi Kharisnawan, Romi (author)
An important challenge in developing a social robot is making the interaction between human and robot to be more pleasant and convenient. It could be obtained by making the robot to develop, i.e. change its behavior over the course of time. Here we study two aspects of development: behavioral adaptation and behavioral complexity to which we...
master thesis 2018