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Oikonomopoulou, F. (author), van den Broek, E.A.M. (author), Bristogianni, T. (author), Veer, F.A. (author), Nijsse, R. (author)
conference paper 2017
Oikonomopoulou, F. (author), Bristogianni, T. (author), Veer, F.A. (author), Nijsse, R. (author)
In this paper a bundled glass column is presented as a promising solution for a completely transparent, almost dematerialized structural compressive element. The aim is to ob-tain a glass column that can safely carry loads, achieve a high visual result and be relatively eas-ily manufactured. Different types of adhesives, rod configurations and...
conference paper 2016
Oikonomopoulou, F. (author), Veer, F.A. (author), Nijsse, R. (author), Baardolf, G. (author)
A pioneering, all transparent, self-supporting glass block facade is presented in this paper. Previously realized examples utilize embedded metal components in order to obtain the desired structural performance despite the fact that these elements greatly affect the facade’s overall transparency level. Undeniably, the oxymoron ‘transparency and...
journal article 2014