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Neeft, Tobias (author)
Silicon wafers and solar cells are delicate components used in the semiconductor industries and energy industries. Handling and transportation can easily damage these components. Conventional handling methods with mechanical contact can cause various damages to these delicate surfaces. Air bearings can provide a solution by enabling an almost...
master thesis 2023
Pijnenburg, Kees (author)
Improved handling methods are required in order to decrease the manufacturing cost of solar cells and flat panel display. A potential method would be to use a contactless handling system based on air bearing technology. As the name implies, the substrate levitates on a thin film (~10 μm) of air. The viscous shear force is used to exert a lateral...
master thesis 2022
Tedjawirja, Vincent (author)
The main goal of this master thesis is to develop a new low-cost radial air bearing system for the CT-scanner, which is currently expensive due to the strict tolerances on the large sized porous aerostatic radial air bearings as well as on the counter surface. This thesis has generated several potential low-cost air bearing system concepts. The...
master thesis 2018