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Koning, Gijs (author), Langendam, Thijmen (author), Mouwen, Dennis (author), Raat, Jochem (author)
Our challenge was to define a format for a mission plan, and develop an application which allows the users of the robot to create a mission plan effectively. This application should assist the user in the process of creating a mission plan as much as possible. Our client was Allseas who was already the sponsor of the LOBSTER project. During the...
bachelor thesis 2019
Kluiters, Thomas (author), Overweel, Leon (author), Vos, Daniël (author), Vos, Jelle (author)
ING wants to offer their customers the best experience possible. To achieve this goal, ING’s Customer Journey Experts (CJEs) constantly map and analyze the way customers use ING services in a Customer Journey Map. These maps however, are hard to share and collaborate on. ING needs an online tool in which they can, together with multiple people,...
bachelor thesis 2018
Tijhuis, L.J. (author), Guijt, D.J. (author)
Roomplug was founded to make renting simple. It provides all the tools needed to go from having an empty property to getting the lease agreement signed. Roomplug also wants to solve the problems on rent payment. That is what this project is all about: creating an online rent payment system. Since Roomplug is a startup company, it is expected...
bachelor thesis 2011