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Van Wessel, Robert M. (author), Kroon, Philip (author), de Vries, H.J. (author)
Many organizations have embraced agile methods. Studies show a trend of large-scale application of agile frameworks company-wide. Emergent architecture design as part of an agile approach is effective at the project level but causes issues when services need to interact seamlessly at the enterprise level. Enterprise architecture (EA) can provide...
journal article 2022
wang, Jiawen (author)
The paring of knowledge sharing and agile methodology has been explained by some researchers (Dissanayake, Dantu, & Nerur, 2013), most emphasize that the knowledge sharing enablers embedded in the agile methods (Dissanayake et al., 2013), seldom researches explain agile-induced knowledge sharing inhibitors. Besides, the existing researches...
master thesis 2019
Mulder, F.A. (author), Verlinden, J.C. (author), Maruyama, T. (author)
conference paper 2014