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Peeters, Michiel (author)
In pursuit of cost-effective and sustainable space access, Dawn Aerospace is pioneering innovative launch systems. Their focus lies on a semi-reusable, two-stage-to-orbit launch vehicle, designed for horizontal take-off and landing. While current launch vehicles rely solely on rocket propulsion, the potential of airbreathing engines on the first...
master thesis 2023
Sonneveldt, Douwe (author)
Observing that the majority of SSTO programs failed due to the propulsion system being far ahead of its time. Furthermore, acknowledging the that the private launch markets is increasingly dominated by partly reusable TSTOs. This thesis aims to evaluate whether next generation rocket engines make an SSTO viable within a foreseeable economical...
master thesis 2022
Kwakman, Koen (author)
Since ramjet propulsion eliminates the need for oxidizers, it provides an alternative to classic rocket engines for missiles and projectiles. However, to capture free-stream air, ramjet engines require large supersonic air intakes, which can be an operational nuisance. A possible alternative is to make the supersonic intakes flush with the...
master thesis 2019