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Peng, Tian (author), Nogal Macho, M. (author), Casas, Joan R. (author), Turmo, Jose (author)
The inverse problem of structural system identification is prone to illā€conditioning issues; thus, uniqueness and stability cannot be guaranteed. This issue tends to amplify the error propagation of both the epistemic and aleatory uncertainties, where aleatory uncertainty is related to the accuracy and the quality of sensors. The analysis of...
journal article 2021
Chen, Xiaoqian (author), Yao, W (author), Zhao, Yong (author), Ouyang, Qi (author)
The reliability analysis approach based on combined probability and evidence theory is studied in this paper to address the reliability analysis problem involving both aleatory uncertainties and epistemic uncertainties with flexible intervals (the interval bounds are either fixed or variable as functions of other independent variables). In...
journal article 2016
Loeven, G.J.A. (author)
When modeling physical systems, several sources of uncertainty are present. For example, variability in boundary conditions like free stream velocity or ambient pressure are always present. Furthermore, uncertainties in geometry arise from production tolerances, wear or unknown deformations under loading. Uncertainties in computational fluid...
doctoral thesis 2010