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Li, Zejiao (author), Wang, Jixiang (author), Liu, Jialin (author), Chen, Xingyu (author), Lei, Zhongfang (author), Yuan, Tian (author), Lee, Duu Jong (author), Lin, Y. (author), van Loosdrecht, Mark C.M. (author)
Reducing CO<sub>2</sub> emission and energy consumption is crucial for the sustainable management of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). In this study, an algal-bacterial aerobic granular sludge (AGS) system was developed for efficient carbon (C) assimilation and nitrogen (N)/phosphorus (P) removal without the need for mechanical aeration....
journal article 2023
Chen, Xingyu (author), Lee, Yu Jen (author), Yuan, Tian (author), Lei, Zhongfang (author), Adachi, Yasuhisa (author), Zhang, Zhenya (author), Lin, Y. (author), van Loosdrecht, Mark C.M. (author)
A reasonable recovery of excess sludge may shift the waste into wealth. Recently an increasing attention has been paid to the recycling of extracellular biopolymers from conventional and advanced biological wastewater treatment systems such as flocculent activated sludge (AS), bacterial aerobic granular sludge (AGS), and algal-bacterial AGS...
review 2022