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Jaiganesh, N. (author), Kuo, P.C. (author), Woudstra, T. (author), Ajith Kumar, R. (author), Aravind, P.V. (author)
This article is the first of a two-part series presenting the thermodynamic evaluation and techno-economics of developing negative-emission power plants. The aim of this research is to evaluate the potential of biochar co-production in negative-emission power plants based on biomass-fed integrated gasification solid oxide fuel cell systems...
journal article 2022
Tsekos, C. (author), Del Grosso, M. (author), de Jong, W. (author)
Within this work, a novel 50 kW<sub>th</sub> indirectly heated bubbling fluidized bed steam reformer (IHBFBSR) is presented, along with its commissioning experiments. In the IHBFBSR, heat is provided through two radiant tube natural gas burners in the bed and the freeboard area. The aim of this innovative design is sufficient heat provision...
journal article 2021
Del Grosso, M. (author), Sridharan, Balaji (author), Tsekos, C. (author), Klein, S.A. (author), de Jong, W. (author)
This work is focused on the process system modelling of an indirectly heated gasifier (10 MW<sub>th</sub>) using torrefied wood as feedstock and its integration with methanol and power production using Aspen Plus®. The modelling of the gasification process along with the obtained reaction kinetics were validated with experimental data found...
journal article 2020