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't Hart, W.G.J. (author), Schra, L. (author)
The Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy 7050 produced by Alcoa is a typical plate and forging alloy because of its low quench sensitivity. In order to compare this alloy with the earlier tested plate alloy 7010 an experimental programme was performed involving tensile, fracture toughness, and fatigue testing. In addition stress corrosion crack initiation and...
report 1980
Lameris, J. (author)
Fracture toughness measurements were carried out to test the ageing behaviour of three adhesives in different environments. It was possible to compare and evaluate adhesives and surface pretreatments. It is doubtful whether the derived R-curves could be used for residual strength calculations in certain environments. Phosphoric acid anodizing...
report 1978
Vlieger, H. (author), Sanderse, A. (author)
This report gives a detailed description of the computer program ARREST and of the execution of it in determining the residual strength diagram of cracked stiffened panels. The essentials of the computer program are dealt with in chapters 1 through 5, whereas the derivation of the equations together with the program flow charts ajid the program...
report 1975