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Romijn, J. (author), Sanseven, Seçil (author), Zhang, Kouchi (author), Vollebregt, S. (author), Sarro, Pasqualina M (author)
An angle sensitive optical sensor without conventional optics is presented in this article. The reported device omits the need for adding 3-D optics in postprocessing by monolithic integration of complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor compatible diffraction grating layers, which cuts down the fabrication costs and allows for miniaturization...
journal article 2022
Şanseven, Seçil (author)
Localization of a light source in the space requires capturing its light intensity and angle information. However, conventional CMOS image sensors can only capture light intensity and wavelength. These sensors need to be augmented with an optical extension such as an aperture or a lens in order to capture the angle information. The use of...
master thesis 2021