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Piccolo, Vincenzo (author)
In the treatment of industrial wastewater, the biological removal of aniline &amp; nitrogen often occurs simultaneously within the hyper-saline water matrix. This study focuses on pioneering the research<br/>on combined aniline-nitrogen removal in a hyper-saline environment. The experimental approach assessed the cause of nitrite accumulation...
master thesis 2023
Huisman, Daniël (author)
Aniline, a toxic aromatic amine present in certain wastewaters from the petroleum-, pharmaceutical- , and textile industry is regarded recalcitrant under strict anaerobic conditions. This study assessed the feasibility of methanogenic aniline biodegradation under saline (8 gNa+/L) conditions (1) by performing biodegradability batch assays using...
master thesis 2020
Partenie, O. (author), Van der Last, V. (author), Sorin Bildea, C. (author), Altimari, P. (author)
This paper illustrates the operational difficulties arising from simultaneously performing exothermic and endothermic reactions, and demonstrates that a plant can be built and safely operated by integrating the design and plantwide control issues. The behaviour of reactor – separation – recycle systems carrying the coupled reactions A ?P + Q ...
journal article 2009