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de Vries, Irene (author)
Polders water canals are sometimes exposed to brackish seepage from the nearby saline sea (salinization). This is a problem because the canal water is used to irrigate crops. A characteristic of water is that less dense (fresh) water floats on top of dense (saline) water. In lakes and oceans, it is common that water layers with various densities...
master thesis 2023
Pál, Botond (author), Roekaerts, D.J.E.M. (author), Zandbergen, B.T.C. (author)
This study investigates the potential of a newly released multi-phase solver to simulate atomisation in an air-blast type atomiser. The 'VOF-to-DPM' solver was used to simulate primary and secondary atomisation in an atomiser with a coaxial injector-like geometry. The solver uses a hybrid Eulerian/Eulerian-Lagrangian formulation with...
journal article 2021
Chakkingal, M. (author), Schiavo, Sabino (author), Ataei Dadavi, I. (author), Tummers, M.J. (author), Kleijn, C.R. (author), Kenjeres, S. (author)
We numerically investigate natural convection in a bottom-heated top-cooled cavity, fully and partially filled with adiabatic spheres (with diameter-to-cavity-size ratio d/L=0.2) arranged in a Simple Cubic Packing (SCP) configuration. We study the influence of packing height and location of porous media. We carry out the simulations using...
journal article 2020