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Kamath, Agneya (author), Laha, Anindita (author), Pandiyan, Sudharsan (author), Aswath, Surabhi (author), Vatti, Anoop Kishore (author), Dey, P. (author)
Doxorubicin is cytotoxic anthracycline antibiotic drug used in cancer treatment. The drug's efficacy in various kinds of cancer made its usage dominant for treating cancers. In this study, we determined the solubility of the doxorubicin in three different polymers, i.e., poly (N-isopropyl acrylamide), polyethylene glycol, and polyvinyl...
journal article 2022
De Jong, J. (author)
DNA is packaged together with proteins, such as histones, in the nucleus of a cell to form a fiber called chromatin. The nature of this packaging, the "chromatin structure", is essential for proper cell functioning. This is illustrated by the fact that perturbating chromatin can be associated with many diseases. Hence, artificial perturbation of...
doctoral thesis 2015