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Bij de Vaate, I. (author), Martin, Ericka (author), Slobbe, D.C. (author), Naeije, M.C. (author), Verlaan, M. (author)
In the Arctic Ocean, obtaining water levels from satellite altimetry is hampered by the presence of sea ice. Hence, water level retrieval requires accurate detection of fractures in the sea ice (leads). This paper describes a thorough assessment of various surface type classification methods, including a thresholding method, nine supervised-,...
journal article 2022
Kleptsova, O.S. (author), Pietrzak, J.D. (author)
Ice induced variability of tides in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, including Baffin Bay and Hudson Strait/Hudson Bay system, was studied by means of a new high resolution tidal model. Here we show that the seasonal variations of the tidal constants are significant in the major part of the domain. Month to month changes of the tidal phases...
journal article 2018