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Kumar, Arun (author), Kumar, Kanhaiya (author), Ali, Mohammad (author), Raj, Vivek (author), Srivastava, Abhinav (author), Kumar, Manishankar (author), Niraj, Pintoo Kumar (author), Kumar, Mukesh (author), Kumar, S. (author)
The present study was carried out in the village Kaliprasad of Bhagalpur district of Bihar to know the arsenic exposure effect in the exposed population. A total of n = 102 households were studied, and their water and biological samples such as urine and hair were collected and analyzed in a graphite furnace atomic absorption...
journal article 2023
Gupta, Arushi (author)
Arsenic contamination of groundwater in Bangladesh is one of the largest naturally occurring groundwater calamity in South Asia. The rural people, about 64% of the population (104 million people) suffer the most from this grand challenge as they are still heavily dependent on groundwater based tubewells which are arsenic contaminated. Government...
master thesis 2018
Pennekamp, M.F. (author)
Bihar is a densely populated area located in the Middle Ganga Plain (MGP) in India. The Ganges' sinuous nature in the MGP created a vast amount of point bar structures within the floodplain. In 2003 it was discovered that high arsenic concentrations are present in the shallow groundwater aquifers, especially in the elevated point bars. According...
bachelor thesis 2014