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Gavriilidis, Prodromos (author)
Introduction: Atherosclerosis, the major source of cardiovascular diseases, is one of the leading causes of death. During atherosclerosis the arterial wall is affected by a complex process of lipid driven inflammation that leads to thickening of the arterial wall resulting in a so called plaque. Because of plaque growth, the lumen of the artery...
master thesis 2020
Mansoor, Amal (author)
Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory disease characterised by the formation of plaque in the intimal layer of the artery. The plaque is made of a lipid rich necrotic core which is covered by a collagen rich fibrous cap. If this fibrous cap ruptures, it can lead to sudden thrombotic occlusion of the artery. Rupture of the fibrous cap is linked to...
master thesis 2019