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Prats-Iraola, Pau (author), Lopez Dekker, F.J. (author), De Zan, Francesco (author), Yague-Martinez, Nestor (author), Zonno, Mariantonietta (author), Rodriguez-Cassola, Marc (author)
This paper addresses the performance in the retrieval of 3-D mean deformation maps by exploiting simultaneous or quasi-simultaneous squinted synthetic aperture radar (SAR) interferometric acquisitions in a repeat-pass scenario. In multisatellite or multibeam low earth observation missions, the availability of two (or more) lines of sight ...
journal article 2018
Abbasi, A. (author)
This research aims at developing a flexible and efficient (numerical) approach for estimating energy balance and heat storage of small shallow lakes in arid and semi-arid regions. To reach to this aim, some numerical methods and improvements in conventional methods were done. Optimizing the methods developed in this thesis is considered in order...
doctoral thesis 2016