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Nahar, S.N. (author), Schmets, A.J.M. (author), Kasbergen, C. (author), Schitter, G (author), Scarpas, A. (author)
Self-healing of bitumen is a property that positively contributes to the sustainability, maintenance requirements and cost effectiveness of asphalt pavements. Ideally one would like to design an asphalt mix with a well-defined healing potential. Although substantial research efforts have been dedicated to the healing mechanism in bitumen,...
conference paper 2016
Nahar, S.N. (author)
During the service life of flexible asphalt pavements, asphalt concrete degrades due to traffic loading and environmental conditions like temperature, rain, oxidation, ultraviolet-radiation from the sun. All these environmental factors have adverse effects on the performance of bitumen, which is the binder of asphalt concrete. They are known to...
doctoral thesis 2016