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Ishii, M. (author), Hamilton, B. (author), Poolton, N. (author)
We have observed the distribution of electron trapping centers on distorted carbon nanotubes (CNTs) by a unique x-ray analysis technique that has both elemental and spatial selectivities. This technique involves the use of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) under synchrotron radiation excitation of the inner shell of carbon. The probe detects the...
journal article 2008
Zhuang, Y. (author), Vroubel, M. (author), Rejaei, B. (author), Burghartz, J.N. (author), Attenborough, K. (author)
A granular NiFe thin film with large in-plane magnetic anisotropy and high ferromagnetic-resonance frequency developed for radio-frequency integrated circuit (IC) applications is presented. During the deposition, three-dimensional (3D) growth occurs, yielding NiFe grains (? ? 1.0??m). Nanonuclei (? ? 30–50?nm) are observed in single NiFe grains...
journal article 2005
Tans, S.J. (author), Geerligs, L.J. (author), Dekker, C. (author), Wu, J. (author), Wegner, G. (author)
journal article 1997