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Chu, L. (author)
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) can not only image the topography of surfaces at atomic resolution, but can also measure accurately the different interaction forces, like repulsive, adhesive and lateral existing between an AFM tip and the sample surface. Based on AFM, various extended techniques have been developed such as colloidal probe AFM,...
doctoral thesis 2018
Nahar, S.N. (author), Schmets, A.J.M. (author), Kasbergen, C. (author), Schitter, G (author), Scarpas, A. (author)
Self-healing of bitumen is a property that positively contributes to the sustainability, maintenance requirements and cost effectiveness of asphalt pavements. Ideally one would like to design an asphalt mix with a well-defined healing potential. Although substantial research efforts have been dedicated to the healing mechanism in bitumen,...
conference paper 2016