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Saboerali, Raies (author)
Software development is more than only implementing the functional code. A developer is also responsible for writing code measuring up to certain standards and conventions. These conventions make sure that the code is of a particular quality that improves readability and eases maintainability. Some of these conventions are checked by automated...
master thesis 2019
van der Lippe, Tim (author)
Developers make use of automation to perform repetitive and potentially error- prone tasks. One such automation can be categorised as, which aims to analyse program properties. The particular focus of this investigation are so-called ASATs (Automatic Static Analysis Tools). These ASATs are readily available for many programming languages and can...
master thesis 2018
Beller, M.M. (author), Bholanath, R.M.R. (author), McIntosh, Shane (author), Zaidman, A.E. (author)
The use of automatic static analysis has been a software engineering best practice for decades. However, we still do not know a lot about its use in real-world software projects: How prevalent is the use of Automated Static Analysis Tools (ASATs) such as FindBugs and JSHint? How do developers use these tools, and how does their use evolve over...
conference paper 2016