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Banerjee, I. (author)
In a dynamic or disruptive situation, such as disasters, a fully mobile and decentralized infrastructure-less network seems to be a viable option for communication. Citizens are confronted with challenges such as complicated deployment of these networks, resource-constrained mobile phones and mobility. This requires communication networks to...
doctoral thesis 2022
Banerjee, I. (author), Warnier, Martijn (author), Brazier, F.M. (author)
Disaster communication has made immense progress in the last thirty years. At present, disaster research focuses on bottom-up approaches such as civilian inclusion in disaster response. With the advent of smartphones, citizen-based emergency communication has become possible. Present ad hoc communication technologies typically form a fully...
conference paper 2020
Haydarlou, A.R. (author)
The growing complexity of distributed systems makes their management a challenge. Manual management of these systems is costly and time consuming. Autonomic computing has been proposed to reduce the cost of maintaining complex systems by developing computer systems capable of self-management. A self-managed system consists of multiple autonomic...
doctoral thesis 2011