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Xiang, Sheng Qi (author), de Agrela Pinto, C. (author), Baldus, Marc (author)
Membrane proteins are known to exert many essential biological functions by forming complexes in cell membranes. An example refers to the β-barrel assembly machinery (BAM), a 200 kDa pentameric complex containing BAM proteins A–E that catalyzes the essential process of protein insertion into the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. While...
journal article 2022
Hoogsteder, Fiona (author)
The objective of this master thesis is to gain knowledge regarding the dynamic behaviour of The Palmerah Tidal Bridge to hydraulic loads. The Palmerah Tidal Bridge, an enterprise of the construction company BAM, will become future's largest tidal power plant and a floating bridge between two islands in the Flores region, Indonesia. A combination...
master thesis 2019
Epple, Niklas (author)
Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world and its stability assessment is of utmost importance for society. Ultrasonic measurements are one tool for investigation of concrete stability. The goal of those measurements is the derivation of damage sensitive parameters. The way ultrasound diffuses through concrete is affected...
master thesis 2018