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Toth, Nandor (author)
This thesis presents an energy-efficient high-accuracy temperature sensor that combines a BJT front-end with a continuous-time readout circuit. Its front-end is based on PNP transistors, which, compared to NPNs, are more widely available in CMOS processes and less sensitive to stress. In this design, proportional-to-absolute-temperature (PTAT)...
master thesis 2021
Saad, Mohamed (author)
This thesis presents a BJT-based CMOS temperature-to-digital converter (TDC). With a continuous-time readout, the TDC avoids the kT/C noise limit incurred by previous discrete-time (switched-capacitor) TDCs. An energy-efficient BJT front-end generates single PTAT and CTAT currents for being digitized by a delta-sigma modulator through a linear...
master thesis 2020
Kishore Kumar, Rushil (author)
This thesis presents the most energy-efficient BJT-based CMOS temperature-to-digital converter (TDC) reported to date. It is based on a continuous-time front-end, which avoids the kT/C noise limit incurred by previous discrete-time (switched-capacitor) front-ends. An energy-efficient capacitively-coupled instrumentation amplifier (CCIA) boosts...
master thesis 2018