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Wang, Jue (author), Yuan, Weiyi (author), Li, Z. (author), Zhu, Yingcan (author), Santos, Thebano (author), Fan, J. (author)
This paper presents a convenient and efficient method to predict the mechanical solutions of a laminated Liquid Crystal Elastomers (LCEs) system subjected to combined thermo-mechanical load, based on a back propagation (BP) neural network which is trained by machine learning from a database established by analytical solutions. Firstly, the...
journal article 2022
Fan, J. (author), Li, Yutong (author), Fryc, Irena (author), Qian, C. (author), Fan, X. (author), Zhang, Kouchi (author)
The full-spectrum white light-emitting diode (LED) emits light with a broad wavelength range by mixing all lights from multiple LED chips and phosphors. Thus, it has great potentials to be used in healthy lighting, high resolution displays, plant lighting with higher color rendering index close to sunlight and higher color fidelity index. The...
journal article 2020