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Gijón Mancheño, A. (author)
Mangrove forests effectively function as natural flood defences, and their deforestation has exposed millions of people worldwide to coastal erosion and flooding. Since mangroves require a stable sedimentary environment, stopping coastal erosion is a necessary step for their restoration. Bamboo structures have thus been built to induce accretion...
doctoral thesis 2022
Gijón Mancheño, A. (author), Jansen, W. (author), Uijttewaal, W.S.J. (author), Reniers, A.J.H.M. (author), van Rooijen, A. A. (author), Suzuki, T. (author), Etminan, V. (author), Winterwerp, J.C. (author)
Mangrove vegetation constitutes a natural coastal defence against waves and erosion. Despite their protective role, mangrove ecosystems have experienced continuous degradation over the last decades due to human causes. At retreating mangrove coastlines, bamboo structures are built to create new habitat for mangrove colonization. Existing...
journal article 2021