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Tyczyńska, Zofia (author)
A baseball pitch is an explosive and dynamic motion during which one of the highest angular rates achieved by the human body in sports activity was noted. The nature of the baseball pitch puts shoulder structures at risk, and one of the most common injuries among pitchers is a rotator cuff tear, frequently connected with internal impingement. It...
master thesis 2023
Recillas Pacheco, Yasper (author)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether a change of an accuracy restriction (AR) leads to a change in the separation time between the peak rotational velocities of the pelvis and the trunk during a pitching motion, while the ball velocity is kept constant. The peak rotational velocities of the pelvis, trunk, the separation time and...
master thesis 2020
Gasparutto, X. (author), van der Graaff, E (author), Veeger, H.E.J. (author), van der Helm, F.C.T. (author)
Among baseball players, the pitchers are the most prone to injuries. These injuries occur mainly at the medial part of the elbow and at the shoulder. It is widely accepted that high joint loading are linked to overuse injury for repetitive motion. At maximal exo-rotation (MER), the elbow maximal abduction moment is predominantly counteracted by...
conference paper 2016