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Mohammadloo, Tannaz H. (author)
Detailed information about the sea and river bed is of high importance for a large number of applications, such as marine geology, coastal engineering, safe navigation and offshore construction. Acoustic remote sensing techniques have become extremely attractive for obtaining bathymetry measurements and for mapping the sediment properties, due...
doctoral thesis 2020
Mohammadloo, Tannaz H. (author), Snellen, M. (author), Amiri Simkooei, A. (author), Simons, D.G. (author)
Nowadays Multi-Beam Echo-Sounder (MBES) systems are used for obtaining information of the sea/river bed bathymetry and sediment composition. For the latter, use is usually made of the backscatter strength and depth derivatives, such as depth residuals. However, the depth derivatives are affected by the uncertainties inherent to the MBES varying...
conference paper 2019