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Rinaldi, Lorenzo (author), Golinucci, Nicolò (author), Guerrieri, Giulia (author), Sanvito, F.D. (author), Rocco, Matteo Vincenzo (author), Colombo, Emanuela (author)
Investing in low-carbon technologies, including light-duty vehicles, is a strategy to decarbonize the residential sector and private mobility. This work aims to assess the parameters driving the economic convenience of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) for a household, and what are the economic implications of BEV adoption on the total cost of...
journal article 2024
Molhuizen, Max (author)
Battery electric vehicles (BEV) as opposed to internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEV) are seen as a viable solution for reducing transportation related environmental impacts. There are however advantages and disadvantages to both alternatives. Environmental life cycle assessments (LCA) are used to quantify the environmental lifecycle impact...
master thesis 2023