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Du, Jinqing (author), Li, G. (author), Guo, Mingxing (author), Lu, Wenyi (author), Dong, Qijuan (author), Zhuang, Linzhong (author)
In present work, the formation, evolution, and distribution of the primary Fe-rich phase in an Al–Mg–Si–Cu–Zn–Fe–Mn alloy are coupling controlled by ultrasonic melt treatment (USMT) and thermomechanical processing (TMP). It is shown in the results that the size of grains and Fe-rich phase in the as-cast state can be greatly reduced by the...
journal article 2023
Lan, H. (author), Tang, S. (author), DU, Linxiu (author), LI, Jianping (author), van der Zwaag, S. (author)
The combined effects of the initial microstructure and heating rate on ferrite recrystallization, austenite formation and transformation kinetics of a regular ferrite-martensite dual phase steel are investigated. Special attention is given to the effect of the martensite distribution on mechanical properties, particularly the bendability....
journal article 2021
Ypma, W.J.B. (author)
This thesis describes the design process for an iso-frequent oscillator. Instead of designing the perfect linear spring for a harmonic oscillator, non-linearities in the force deflection behavior of the spring are allowed. These inperfections are then compensated by propper transmission design.
master thesis 2013