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Wijsman, Jeroen W.M. (author), Craeymeersch, Johan A. (author), Herman, P.M.J. (author)
Epifauna and infauna are often sampled by different types of sampling devices including grabs, and dredges, depending on various factors such as local environmental conditions, research questions and available budget. Because grabs and dredges have a different species-specific selectivity, both methods could be complementary but for some...
journal article 2022
Damveld, J. H. (author), van der Reijden, K. J. (author), Cheng, C. (author), Koop, L. (author), Haaksma, L. R. (author), Walsh, C. A.J. (author), Soetaert, K. (author), Borsje, B. W. (author), Govers, L. L. (author)
The sandy seabed of shallow coastal shelf seas displays morphological patterns of various dimensions. The seabed also harbors a rich ecosystem. Increasing pressure from human-induced disturbances necessitates further study on drivers of benthic community distributions over morphological patterns. Moreover, a greater understanding of the sand...
journal article 2018
Van Colen, C. (author), Montserrat, F. (author), Verbist, K. (author), Vincx, M. (author), Steyaert, M. (author), Vanaverbeke, J. (author), Herman, P.M.J. (author), Degraer, S. (author), Ysebaert, T. (author)
To assess the role of macrofauna-mediated sediment changes on nematode community recovery, we examined the temporal development of macrobenthos, nematode communities and sediment properties following hypoxia in 16 m2 replicated plots over a 6 mo period. Hypoxia drastically changed nematode community composition (i.e. reduced diversity and...
journal article 2009