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Franssen, S.E.M.P. (author), van der Vaart, A.W. (author)
The Pitman-Yor process is a random probability distribution, that can be used as a prior distribution in a nonparametric Bayesian analy-sis. The process is of species sampling type and generates discrete distribu-tions, which yield of the order n<sup>σ</sup> different values (“species”) in a random sample of size n, ifthetypeσ is positive....
journal article 2022
Versendaal, Bryan (author)
In deze scriptie kijken we naar enkele niet-meetbare verzamelingen. We kijken hierbij naar de niet-meetbaarheid en de constructie van enkele verzamelingen. Denk hierbij aan de Vitali-verzameling en een Bernsteinverzameling.
bachelor thesis 2018
De Visser, C.C. (author)
At present, model based control systems play an essential role in many aspects of modern society. Application areas of model based control systems range from food processing to medical imaging, and from process control in oil refineries to the flight control systems of modern aircraft. Central to a model based control system is a mathematical...
doctoral thesis 2011