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Lorist, E. (author), Nieraeth, Zoe (author)
We prove that scalar-valued sparse domination of a multilinear operator implies vector-valued sparse domination for tuples of quasi-Banach function spaces, for which we introduce a multilinear analogue of the UMD condition. This condition is characterized by the boundedness of the multisublinear Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator and goes...
journal article 2022
Nieraeth, Z. (author)
The subject of this thesis is the study of the multilinear Muckenhoupt weight classes and the quantitative boundedness of operators with respect to these weights in both the scalar-valued and the vector-valued setting. This includes the study of multisublinear Hardy-Littlewood maximal operators, sparse forms, and multilinear Rubio de Francia...
doctoral thesis 2021
Lorist, E. (author), Nieraeth, Z. (author)
We give an extension of Rubio de Francia’s extrapolation theorem for functions taking values in UMD Banach function spaces to the multilinear limited range setting. In particular we show how boundedness of an m-(sub)linear operator T:Lp1(w1p1)×⋯×Lpm(wmpm)→Lp(wp) for a certain class of Muckenhoupt weights yields an extension of the operator...
journal article 2019