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Lampaert, S.G.E. (author), Quinci, Federico (author), van Ostayen, R.A.J. (author)
This paper discusses a new type of hybrid journal bearing in which a magnetorheological fluid is used in combination with local magnetic fields, such that the hydrodynamic and hydrostatic working regimes are not compromised. This demonstrates the potential of using the concept of rheological texture in bearings. The performance of this new...
journal article 2020
Jorna, Stijn (author)
Deep-sea mining is becoming more popular. The Atlantis II Deep is a deep sea mining field of metalliferous muds in the Red Sea. This field could be exploited by transporting the sediments through a pipeline laid from shore onto the sea bed to the field. From determined concentrations with their shear stress-shear rate relation, parameters for...
master thesis 2019
Lampaert, S.G.E. (author), van Ostayen, R.A.J. (author)
Magnetorheological fluids can be used as a smart lubricant as a result of the fact that its properties can be changed with the use of a magnetic field. Local flow resistance and local pressure can be generated by applying a local magnetic field. This work presents a hydrostatic bearing in which the pressure profile of a conventional...
journal article 2019