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Ravi, Pradeep (author)
Biochar for horticultural and agricultural applications using high temperature torrefaction technology Pradeep Ravi Supervisors: Prof Dr. D.J.E.M Roekaerts, ir.Bart de Vries, Dr. Luis Cutz, Dr.Lorenzo Botto & Dr.Ralph Lindeboom Biomass currently accounts for less than 10 percentage of the world’s renewable energy production. Currently the...
master thesis 2021
Mc Gregor, Julia (author)
In the past decades, fossil fuels have become an increasing concern, due them being a non-renewable energy source and due to the environmental concerns related to the production and use of this fuel. This has led to increasingly more research in the value of bio-sourced lignocellulosic biomass such as Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) fibres from the palm...
master thesis 2019