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Cruz Saldivar, M. (author), Doubrovski, E.L. (author), Mirzaali, Mohammad J. (author), Zadpoor, A.A. (author)
Bio-inspired composites are a great promise for mimicking the extraordinary and highly efficient properties of natural materials. Recent developments in voxel-by-voxel 3D printing have enabled extreme levels of control over the material deposition, yielding complex micro-architected materials. However, design complexity, very large degrees of...
journal article 2022
Spiesz, E.M. (author), Schmieden, D.T. (author), Grande, Antonio M. (author), Liang, K. (author), Schwiedrzik, Jakob (author), Natalio, Filipe (author), Michler, Johann (author), Garcia, Santiago J. (author), Aubin-Tam, M.E. (author), Meyer, Anne S. (author)
The impressive mechanical properties of natural composites, such as nacre, arise from their multiscale hierarchical structures, which span from nano- to macroscale and lead to effective energy dissipation. While some synthetic bioinspired materials have achieved the toughness of natural nacre, current production methods are complex and...
journal article 2019
Edens, Maike (author)
The fracture properties of natural materials often outperform artificial material properties. This could be explained by their complex multi-scale (anisotropic) hard-soft material structure, starting at a nano-scale. The interest in the fabrication of complex biomimetic hard-soft materials and interfaces is growing due to their high fracture...
master thesis 2018