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Koot, Kees (author)
In this thesis the behaviour of a Bose Einstein condensate is explored that consists of bosons that annihilate. In order to do this a system where bose einstein condensation occurs is modeled as a Zero Range process which is a special case of a Markov process.<br/>First we made a single slow site Zero range process with uniform rates and see how...
bachelor thesis 2022
Cipriani, A. (author), Fontanari, A. (author)
In this paper we define a family of preferential attachment models for random graphs with fitness in the following way: independently for each node, at each time step a random fitness is drawn according to the position of a moving average process with positive increments. We will define two regimes in which our graph reproduces some features...
journal article 2022
Agarwal, Girish (author), Allen, Roland E. (author), Bezděková, Iva (author), Boyd, Robert W. (author), Chen, Goong (author), Hanson, R. (author), Hawthorne, Dean L. (author), Hemmer, Philip (author), Kim, Moochan B. (author), Kocharovskaya, Olga (author), Lee, D. (author), Lidström, Sebastian K. (author), Lidström, Suzy (author), Losert, Harald (author), Maier, Helmut (author), Neuberger, John W. (author), Padgett, Miles J. (author), Raizen, Mark (author), Rajendran, Surjeet (author), Rasel, Ernst (author), Schleich, Wolfgang P. (author), Scully, Marlan O. (author), Shchedrin, Gavriil (author), Shvets, Gennady (author), Sokolov, Alexei (author), Svidzinsky, Anatoly (author), Walsworth, Ronald L. (author), Weiss, Rainer (author), Wilczek, Frank (author), Willner, Alan E. (author), Yablonovich, Eli (author), Zheludev, Nikolay (author)
The Winter Colloquium on the Physics of Quantum Electronics (PQE) has been a seminal force in quantum optics and related areas since 1971. It is rather mind-boggling to recognize how the concepts presented at these conferences have transformed scientific understanding and human society. In January 2017, the participants of PQE were asked to...
journal article 2018