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Dittli, Jan (author), Hofmann, Urs A.T. (author), Bützer, Tobias (author), Smit, G. (author), Lambercy, Olivier (author), Gassert, Roger (author)
Wearable robots assist individuals with sensorimotor impairment in daily life, or support industrial workers in physically demanding tasks. In such scenarios, low mass and compact design are crucial factors for device acceptance. Remote actuation systems (RAS) have emerged as a popular approach in wearable robots to reduce perceived weight...
journal article 2021
Schiele, A. (author)
This thesis is the first to provide the fundamentals of ergonomic exoskeleton design. The fundamental theory as well as technology necessary to analyze and develop ergonomic wearable robots interacting with humans is established and validated by experiments and prototypes. The fundamentals are (1) a new theoretical framework for analyzing...
doctoral thesis 2008