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Snoeks, Casper (author)
Electroreduction of CO2 into high-valued chemicals is a promising way to reduce CO2 emissions while simultaneously producing bulk chemicals currently produced from fossil-fuel feedstocks. The downside of this process is that conversion rates are low, meaning the resulting product stream is a complex gas mixture consisting primarily of reactants...
master thesis 2021
Ahmad Mohammad Tahir, Ahmad (author)
The hot water produced from a geothermal doublet possesses energy, which once utilized, the water cools down and is re-introduced back into the same reservoir at a sufficient distance using an injector well. As cold water flows through the reservoir, it acquires thermal energy from surrounding in-situ rocks. This process recurs until a...
master thesis 2019
van Rijn, Sophie (author)
This research identifies and provides a relative ranking of the parameters that control the thermal breakthrough time of a geothermal doublet. The ranking is based on simulations modelled by a three-dimensional model build in COMSOL Multiphysics with a simulation duration of 50 years. The model is a nonisothermal, isotropic, cuboid consisting of...
bachelor thesis 2018