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van Deventer, Oskar (author), Spethmann, Nicolas (author), Loeffler, Marius (author), Amoretti, Michele (author), van den Brink, R.F.M. (author), Bruno, Natalia (author), Kozlowski, W. (author), Neumann, N.M.P. (author), Rol, M.A. (author)
The Second Quantum Revolution facilitates the engineering of new classes of sensors, communication technologies, and computers with unprecedented capabilities. Supply chains for quantum technologies are emerging, some focused on commercially available components for enabling technologies and/or quantum-technologies research infrastructures,...
review 2022
Technical specifications for the asphalt concrete properties are developed to be able to specify mixtures that will perform well in pavement applications. Being able to identify and determine properties related to pavement performance in practice is crucial for both road authorities and contractors, since it allows for design and risk management...
book 2015
Nicholls, C. (author)
he Comité Européen de Normalisation / European Committee for Standardisation was formed in the early sixties and was charged with preparing common rules and standards to be used in all member countries to ensure no barriers to trade. As part of that programme, new harmonised European specifications for paving grade bitumens are being developed....
report 2006