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Cortes Chitiva, Camilo (author)
During the last years, large improvements in the efficiency on the CIGS technology have been achieved, making them excellent candidates as bottom cells for double junction tandem devices. This improvement is a result of the implementation of post deposition treatments (PDT) using alkali-metal fluorides. These alkalies prove to enhance the...
master thesis 2021
Rezaei, N. (author), Procel Moya, P.A. (author), Simor, Marcel (author), Vroon, Zeger (author), Zeman, M. (author), Isabella, O. (author)
An interdigitated back-contacted (IBC) configuration is proposed for submicron copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS). In a modelling platform, the structure was opto-electrically optimized for maximum efficiency. The results are compared with a reference front/back-contacted (FBC) solar cell with similar absorber thickness and exhibiting...
journal article 2020
Pandey, Saksham (author)
Hydrogenated Indium Oxide (IOH) has been recognized as a high performance transparent conductive oxide (TCO) due to its excellent mobility (>100 cm2/Vs) and high transparency (>90%) in the visible and near infrared region of the spectrum. Plasma enhanced spatial atomic layer deposition (PESALD), a new type of deposition process developed...
master thesis 2019